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Lower Hell’s Gate Home – SOLD – Albert & Michael *Exclusive Agents* Saba Island Properties

Lot Area: 2,049 square meters Bedrooms: 3 Bathrooms: 1 Garage: 1
Beautiful Views of Lower Hell’s Gate and More…

Just off the road this well built and well maintained house is embraced by Saba’s lush green hills. There’s lots of open space. No one lives on top of you. You look right out into the open vistas of the blue Caribbean sea as Lower Hell’s Gate and Flat Point spread out beneath and beyond.

“It’s a fantastic home and location. We finished building the house in 1996… originally it was all farm land. I love to see the planes landing and taking off in the distance and the beauty of the neighboring Caribbean islands. It’s a comfortable and safe place to live; very quiet and restful and everyone is friendly. The neighbors are always willing to tell you an old time story and to be helpful anyway they can. I think the future owners will really enjoy living on the property; feeling right to home at this location and on Saba.” – Property owner

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1,575 square foot house on 22,055 square feet of land (2,049 square meters)
  • Three (3) Bedrooms (each with air conditioner)
  •  One (1) Bath
  •  Kitchen / dining room (refurbished kitchen cabinets)
  •  Living room
  •  Storage room
  •  One (1) car garage
  •  16,000 gallon cistern
  •  Backyard patio
  •  No washer or dryer (but ready to install)
  •  Sold partially furnished
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Albert & Michael Saba Island Properties
Albert & Michael - Saba Island Properties
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