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How We’ll Be Working with You – Buying and Selling

Helping you to buy or sell with success, ease and happiness is our purpose. It’s important that you feel we’re with you 100% — working together as partners, an alliance and mutual team. The advice and suggestions we offer you come from our life experience and knowledge of Real Estate in the Caribbean. We’ve purchased, sold, renovated and rented many homes, including refurbishing two here on Saba.
As expats we’ll tell you the truth and give you the facts about living on Saba as no one else can.

Discovering exactly what it is you want, and how to best achieve it, is our priority and genuine pleasure.

Saban Cottage

Setting Your Price

— We’ll help you decide what price is right for you, and what flexibility you may have, selling or buying
– It includes a review of homes and land currently for sale on Saba, as well as the BES Islands*
– Homes that have sold
– Why some homes have not sold
– Attention to your time table for selling
– Consideration of the economy and other factors effecting your sale in the Saba Real Estate Listings

* BES – Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba

Zion Hill Saba


— We’ll handle all contracts and listing agreements for your Caribbean Real Estate property
– Please provide us with surveys – sale approval by all owners – deeds for land, your house or business
– We will create real estate listing descriptions and formatting to present your home or land at its best

Saba Island Properties

Marketing and Showing Your Home

— We assist you to get your home ready for sale
– We personally visit you and your home
– Photograph your property
– Staging – inside and out
– Connect with other realty agents, people in the community and the Caribbean Real Estate market
– Advertise – newspapers, magazines, website and social media
– Hold open houses for community business people and interested buyers of Saba Island Real Estate
– Provide steady communication throughout the entire process

Molly's Cottage

The Sale

— We are here to represent your best interests at all times.
– We’ll help you evaluate the terms of every offer.
– Does the offer include furnishings, fixtures, appliances?
– Is it a pre-qualified, a pre-approval letter for a mortgage or cash buyer?
– What will be the amount of money accepted as a down payment on your property?
– We’ll negotiate for you – the price, additional amendments and more.
– Please be aware, all offers are negotiable, and you can accept and decline or make a counter offer.
– We’ll help you meet all your deadlines for your Saba real estate sale or purchase of property.

English Quarter Saba

Your Closing Schedule

— Closing costs are paid by the buyer, and all documents will be presented to the closing notary.
– Then a closing date, time and location will be set.

  Buying or selling your property or home is an emotional experience. Remember — this is business. Please do not take anything personally.
If bids or comments regarding your property; details about the condition, age of your home, choice of colors or design come up in any way –
do not take offense. It’s all part of the negotiating process, and we’re with you every step of the way encouraging respect and fairness.

Thank you for your trust.
Albert & Michael SABA Island Properties
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