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Why Do People Think We’re Remarkable? – Albert & Michael – Saba Island Properties

Haiku House View Albert & Michael - Saba Island Properties
We like to give people something to talk about

Why? Because… people like us are impelled to give remarkable service to welcome guests to the Dutch Caribbean island of Saba. To have people know Saba exists. Creating awareness. Teaching people what Saba has to offer them. Building trust and value that gets people talking about the special treatment and lifestyle they experienced living on Saba, even if it was just for a few days.

We offer our personal service and deep thoughts to people not because we have to but… because we want to. We like to engage with people; to earn peoples respect and appreciation. People deserve that. For us it’s joyful work and worth doing.

Saba is a remarkable place! Stunningly beautiful. Safe. A wonderful climate. Friendly people. A place of opportunity. We moved to this small Caribbean island 6 years ago because the lifestyle and all the benefits Saba has to offer are truly remarkable… exceptional… amazing… outstanding… astounding… out of the ordinary… unique.

In a way we’re teachers and the visitors coming to Saba are students who are learning all about this very special place. What we have learned and the knowledge we have to offer people, as expats living and working here, makes us remarkable. We’re on this wonderful journey called Saba and we’d like other people to join us.

The talk about Saba and our services goes out to the world. People tell friends and family about their experience and then they tell someone else and their story goes on and on to more and more people. Out to St. Maarten, St. Barth’s, Anguilla, Statia, St. Kitts, Nevis, Curacao, Guadalupe, Colombia, Puerto Rico, America, Canada, Holland, Switzerland, Sweden, Belgium, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Africa, Corsica, France, Germany, Italy, Spain… on and on and on.

Do more? Why?

We don’t wait around until the day you show up to ask — ‘How can we be of service?’ We start months in advance of your arrival informing you about Saba and finding out what will delight you — what will go beyond your needs and wants to fully meet the very specific dreams you have visiting Saba.

Our desire to be truly remarkable is perfectly described in these words of entrepreneur and master marketer Seth Godin:

Better than it needs to be

Why not?

Why not make it more generous, more fair, more insightful than it needs to be?
Why not deliver the service with more flair, more care and more urgency?

Why not do it because you can, not because you have to…

Let’s have Melody Barnes & Marland Buckner – Richmond, Virginia –  tell their story:

“Our vacation at the Haiku House on Saba was perfect – and our experience began before our plane landed on the island.

Michael and Albert thoughtfully and expertly took care of our pre-vacation requests to ensure — from the moment we arrived — we had everything we needed and even a few things we hadn’t requested: groceries for breakfast, a list of fun restaurants, advice regarding taxi service, tropical flowers in the house, the list goes on and on. Their gracious support continued through our week on the island. 

Michael and Albert’s deft touch extended to their management of the spectacular Haiku House. Sitting high above the Caribbean sea and tucked into the rainforest, the beautifully decorated, well-equipped and perfectly maintained Haiku House is stunning in every way.   On six of our seven days, we lounged comfortably by the pool and enjoyed “sundowners” on the lower-level deck; we had everything we needed.  On the seventh day – glass walls retracted — we relaxed in the large great room and enjoyed watching the clouds and storms spill over the mountains.

During our week at the Haiku House, we toured the island a bit, but why would we leave such a beautiful house? We had a wonderful, relaxing week and are forever in Michael and Albert’s debt for ensuring it was so.”

♦     ♦     ♦

It’s ever so satisfying to meet peoples needs and create the change they’re hoping for.
Providing significant and personal things customers will always remember.
Thank you Melody and Marland for giving us the chance to serve you. Thank you for valuing our work.

Albert & MichaelSaba Island Properties
The only Expat Real Estate Company on Saba

We live and work here.
We have answers to your questions.
We’ll tell you the truth and give you the facts about life on Saba.
That’s our promise to you.
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Albert Pensis

Connecting with the right person is crucial when looking to buy, sell or renovate a property because… this is your home.

Finding the perfect location, where you’ll be totally comfortable, is my ultimate goal for you.

My years of experience with Real Estate and Interior Design, will help guide you toward that positive result - be it a traditional Saban cottage - an impressive estate - a gorgeous piece of land or... investing in a business here on Saba.

We’ll find exactly what works for you; examine all the parameters of your future home, and I’ll do my utmost to put the pieces of the puzzle together for you.

Discovering the island of Saba was the change I was searching for. A change of lifestyle. Leaving the ridiculous, debilitating fast pace of New York City and financial stress behind.

I came to Saba to retire but soon learned that I was too active to sit around and had too much life knowledge and experience not to give back to other people. My work in real estate enables me to do that and much more - helping people live well, here on Saba.

My specialties are residential work - interior planning – contracting - purchasing furnishings, materials and all other resources - adept at space planning - keen ability with color selection - highly capable of working with every media and in a variety of styles.

Creativity and staying on budget are real priorities for me. Pulling it all together and making it easy for you, is what I do best. From Bermuda to France, throughout the United States; working with CEOs' of top global businesses, recent college grads, newlyweds. I’m here to make you feel completely at home.

Come to Saba. We’ll have fun making your wishes and plans a reality!

*I'm a graduate of Parsons School of Design and I was - Corporate Senior Vice President of Interior Design for W & J Sloane and - Corporate Design Director for the Bloomindale's stores. Then I opened my own company -- Pensis - Stolz Inc. / KPS - at The Design Center in New York City for over 35 years. What stories I have for you!

I worked with Givenchy - Leona Helmsley - the Chairman of Sony and The Museum Tower Apartment - The Four Seasons Hotels - Johnson & Johnson - Gloria Vanderbilt and more.

I was fortunate to have designed for the Vanderbilt show houses - Kips Bay - The Woolworth Estate - The Gould Mansion - The Gimble Estate -The Gold Coast of Long Island - the Scarsdale Country Club - The Weis Center for the Performing Arts at Bucknell University - the King of Saudi Arabia - Mrs. Nat King Cole.

Everything from private train cars - planes - yachts - lobbies - and the joining together, designing and completely redecorating (from top to bottom) a double, four story townhouse in NYC. Wild and wonderful projects! I'm also proud to say I was a weekly contributor to the New York Times for many years.

I'm still working with private clients throughout the world and I absolutely love my work in real estate. I had no idea the people we would meet when we opened Saba Island Properties or the friendships we have made. We're connected all around the world. That's exciting, amazing and profoundly gratifying to me.

You can reach me by Email:

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Thanks - Albert