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This Is Marketing – Albert & Michael – Saba Island Properties

This Is Marketing by Seth Godin


In May 2017 I took a 3 month marketing seminar with best selling author, teacher and marketing master Seth Godin.

It was incredible! A life changing experience. (50 videos with case studies — Q & A’s — 100 classes with daily assignments — plus a 24/7 active discussion group of hundreds of people sharing our work, learning and helping each other, from 40 countries around the globe.)

  • I did it because I wanted to know what works in marketing today.
  • I did it so our real estate company – Saba Island Properties – would be wildly successful. Not average. Not mediocre.
  • I did it to reach the right people, learning exactly who our viable audience is, so we could earn their attention and tell them about the exceptional life that exists here on the Caribbean island of Saba without aimlessly spamming the world hoping someone would notice us, interrupting peoples lives with unsolicited emails and social media or wasting money on advertising that most people don’t read and
    don’t care about.



In November Seth Godin published a new book – This Is Marketing: You Can’t Be Seen Until You Learn to See
#1 the Wall Street Journal Bestseller list — Instant New York Times Bestseller — Amazon Bestseller — Financial Times Book of the Month.

When I opened the book, the inside cover was filled with statements about peoples successes from – The Marketing Seminar – and this:


This Is Marketing by Seth Godin

I was completely surprised and moved to tears to be honored this way.
Selected to be among some of the most successful business owners and
marketers in the world. Wow! I mean… really WOW!

It’s one of those moments where you know your life has big meaning and
very few things will ever come close to it.

This is the profound kindness and generosity Seth Godin lives by and teaches with. And when the Caribbean was brutally battered by hurricane Irma and Maria, Seth emailed me to see if I was OK and how Saba did. What empathy!

Being recognized, in his new book, is an amazing thing. Thank you Seth Godin for this tribute and opportunity. What I learned from you opened lots of new doors, focused and empowered my work. You’ve enabled me to believe in myself. To shine and make an impact with the people I was born to serve. 

The work we do matters

Finding people a homea place where they feel comfortable… safe… respected… is the heart of our work.

Because of the workshop we know a lot more about who our clients are. What they want and believe. What works for them and what doesn’t. Thinking how we can encourage them. Support them. Solve their problems. 

We know that gaining their permission — building trust — shaping ideas — changing their lives for the better — is the most valuable work we can do. People like us do things like this because other human beings deserve it. 

Daily I incorporate everything I learned from Seth Godin as I connect with people. Not everyone but just a few. My smallest viable audience. Doing the emotional labor necesary to understand what people are really looking for, dreaming about, yearning for, even their doubts and fears. Seeing if Saba is right for them as they look for a new home and think about stepping into a new lifestyle and culture on
our exclusive island of Saba… be it for a week or a lifetime.

The workshop was a gift

The knowledge, the people and the results fill me with endless gratitude.

  • I’m immensely proud to have worked with Seth Godin.
  • Proud of the work I did in The Marketing Seminar and to be an alumni of the very first workshop.
  • Proud to be a leader in new ways.
  • Proud to tell our story of why we moved to Saba from New York City, after living and working there for more than 40 years. How we opened our business – Saba Island Properties – and use it every single day to tell others what we’ve experienced living and working on Saba.


We’re trying to help people live better. To see what’s possible. To contribute and create the positive changes we hope to see in the world…
one simple and mighty step at a time.
That’s a promise.

♦   ♦   ♦
“You’re closer to more people than you know.
The doors that you can open are easier to open than you know.” – Seth Godin
Albert & Michael Saba Island Properties
Expats Creating Change in Real Estate and Lives
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*Read about some of the changes we’ve created for people

Michael Feeley

Michael Feeley, Life Coach:

Why Saba?

After living and working in New York City for 40+ years I leaped right out of the rat race of corporate America; leaving behind the relentless stress and competition that was wasting me; to rediscover what really matters to me in life.

We went looking for a new home all over the world - the Azores, the Maldives, France, Italy, Spain, Morocco, Malta, the Caribbean and by pure luck, found Saba.

Saba gives me peace, joy, freedom and a community where I feel I belong. People are respected here; living free and open, in the heart of deep nature and incredible beauty. It's a remarkable change.

The work we do enables us to care about other people. Helping them find a new home with practical empathy for their needs and dreams. It's an emotional investment. To listen. To understand. It's work that matters to us. Work we're proud of.

Maybe you have similar yearnings for change. Wanting a better way to live.
A place where you feel at home, with yourself and with the world.

You might just be looking for a new spot to vacation. Unique. Unknown. Crowd-less. Safe. Friendly.... Hello Saba.

Or... you're already hooked on Saba and keep coming back year after year because you love it! Booking your favorite hotel and room or renting a Saba cottage or villa.

Or... Saba's lifestyle makes you dream of a bigger change. A more personal connection to this exclusive, wonder of an island. Something lasting. Just yours and investing in a home is fixed in your mind and heart.

Feel free to email me and let's find out exactly what you want and see - Is the Caribbean island of Saba right for you? Let's make those thoughts and wishes a reality and then... they won't be thoughts and wishes anymore.

I look forward to saying to you one day --'Welcome home!
Be it for a week or... a lifetime.

*And yes, it's true. I was a professional actor, singer, model (actually working) in New York City and noted theatres throughout the United States: The Actors Playhouse, The Kennedy Center, Syracuse Stage, Elitch Gardens, Ogunquit Playhouse -- working with John Raitt, Howard Keel, Allan Jones, Howard Da Silva, Tovah Feldshuh, Bobby Van, Ford Models.
(I even sang for President Jimmy Carter).

I transitioned from acting (because I wanted to) into the travel industry and later, working as a headhunter for over 20 years in NYC with: The Marriott Corporation, Jones Dairy Farm, Cotton Incorporated, The New York Post, Spike Lee DDB, MetLife, Sullivan & Cromwell, Peter Marino Architect, Reliance National Insurance, Black Rock Financial, Parachute Publishing, Burberry, Asprey Jewelry, The Hunger Project, Macklowe Real Estate.

I'm an Akimbo Workshop Coach for Seth Godin and a certified Life + Career + Change Coach; working with all kinds of people around the globe: creatives - human resources professionals - executives - artists - musicians - gardeners - college deans and teachers - doctors - hotel owners - computer wizards - other coaches... helping them create the change they want in their work and lives; to do better, to be happier and even discover what they really want to do with their lives.

Please take a look at my Coaching website and see how I can be useful to you:

My favorite quote is by poet Mary Oliver because it truly says what I want to know about you in such an unforgettable way:

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"

I'm also proud to have my writings about real estate and coaching published at: Thrive Global - The Huffington Post - Maria Shriver - Michael Port - The Fordyce Letter - LinkedIn - Medium and others.

You can email me:

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