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Saba Island Properties Testimonial

Sherri + Glen ~ Home Owners ~ Saba

We’ve known Albert & Michael of Saba Island Properties for several years, have a high regard for them and appreciate their professionalism. For anyone considering selling, purchasing property or long term rental on Saba, it’s a very easy decision. Simply have a conversation with Albert & Michael and you’re done, no need to look elsewhere. Both gentlemen know the business and their business very well and will certainly be able to bring the property you are interested in to the table for discussion.

It’s also extremely easy to find Albert & Michael, just go to Tropics Café on any Friday afternoon and
they will be getting hammered on free wine.  ;^))

Saba Island Properties Testimonials

Marco Perez – Film Editor – New York City

Albert and Michael are the property managers of Haiku House on Saba. Working with them was fantastic.
They far exceeded our expectations.

Albert and Michael made our arrival and stay on Saba easy and flawless. In every moment of our trip they were extremely helpful, full of precious advice, very responsive and proactive. They know Saba inside out. From hooking us up with a local fisherman, to recommending an organic farm where we could pick vegetables and fresh herbs for cooking; it seemed they always had a solution ready for our needs.

My wife and I have rented for our vacation multiple homes all around the world. Albert and Michael
of SABA Island Properties have been among the best managers we ever worked with!

Testimonial - Albert & Michael - Saba ISland Properties

Henry & Mary Johnson – Texas

Owners - Maggie's Cottage - Saba

We recently hired SABA Island Properties to list Maggie’s Cottage, formally known as House of Gladys.

We first met Albert when researching renovation options for our rental property.  Albert and Michael were recommended highly by other islanders familiar with their high end design experience and reputation for unsurpassed quality.

We were delighted to find them extremely professional, knowledgeable, honest and personable, with a shared interest in the history of Saba and maintaining the integrity of the 100-year-old cottage. They provided detailed quotes for various upgrade scenarios, rental options and a sales option, and were readily available 24 x 7 to answer questions – even while on holiday!

After careful evaluation, we decided it was in our best interest to sell the property – a difficult decision for us. There was no question —  Albert and Michael would be our agents. They have been understanding and supportive every step of the way. We are very comfortable with them and have complete faith we are in caring, competent, trustworthy hands.

Buying, selling, renovating or renting, we highly recommend SABA Island Properties without hesitation.

Saba Island Properties Testimonial

Jim Mihalic – Florida

Albert & Michael are passionate about the island and very knowledgeable in what they do. It is evident when you first sit down with them — they listen to you and give you options not just opinions. Their goal isn’t just to sell you a property, but sell you the right property that fits your budget and needs. Saba Island PropertiesBest Real Estate Group on the island.
Albert & Michael - Saba Island Properties - Testimonial

Brigitte Delaitre – Editor, ‘Turquoise’ Magazine

As the editor of Turquoise, the yearly sea lover’s guide in Saint-Martin / Saint Barts / Anguilla / Saba and Statia, I come regularly to Saba to meet my customers on this beautiful island.
Johanna from Juliana’s Hotel told me I HAD to meet Albert and Michael and I am glad she did. They are two beautiful people, professional, friendly and caring. They wanted to advertise their real estate company – SABA Island Properties — in the guide and we worked together. They knew what they wanted to highlight and we exchanged in a very open manner on the best way we should do it.
They were extremely professional when it came to creating a layout and sent me all needed information in a very efficient manner. They insisted on the importance they give to their customer’s satisfaction and the total honesty that guides them.
I am proud to count them among my Saban customers.  
Testimonial Saba Island Properties

Private Client


When looking for an agent we realized that most just reach the low hanging fruit. When selling our unique, luxury property we needed someone like Albert & MichaelSaba Island Properties with wide ranging marketing ideas.

Albert’s extensive interior design experience came into play for the effective staging of our Villa. Albert & Michael not only brought those ideas to the table but rolled up their sleeves and moved furnishings around to create the desired effect.

Business, business, but how about the pleasurable side of life? Albert & Michael make a night out with dinner and drinks a memorable occasion with lots of wit and laughter. And if you get invited to a morning meeting at their house be sure to save your appetite as they serve a delicious breakfast along with their enjoyable company.

Albert & Michael Saba Island Properties Testimonial

Andy Beam & Amber Welsh – Houston, Texas

In early August 2015, we held our wedding at Haiku House on Saba. Haiku House property managers, Michael and Albert were very helpful in all aspects of our planning and preparations for the event.

Upon booking the property, we received  a very nice and detailed information packet about the property but also with all of the “need to know” info on the entire island. We had a million questions and urgent needs with everything from finding a minister to finding a way to dry clean the wedding dress, and Michael and Albert supported us offering suggestions and pointing us in the right direction.

Upon our arrival Michael and Albert welcomed us warmly and took time introducing us to Haiku House and its many amenities, making sure that we were totally comfortable with everything from lighting and sound systems to internet and taxi services, and letting us know that they were available anytime we needed anything. It’s hard to explain how nice it was knowing that we could pick up the phone and have a “lifeline” anytime it might be needed. 

After booking, they asked if we wanted some food upon arrival since we were arriving on a Sunday… but we never got back to them. When we arrived they had bought, bread and cheese and wine, eggs, bacon, orange juice, tons of snacks, and more. We were famished and had a very nice welcome breakfast. As we had arrived early, the cleaning crew was still there and one lady offered to make breakfast for us, and we declined, but then she insisted on cleaning up our dishes and mess!

Haiku House is a beautiful and elegant property inside and out and is pre-loaded with everything you need for a great quiet stay. It was a perfect venue for our wedding and was well worth the price… friends and family attending agreed that it was a beautiful and serene property.

Prior to departure, we were looking for an Island keepsake gift to give our wedding guests. We had previously searched everything on line and found nothing and while on the island we never found anything quite right, but at the last minute, we asked Michael. He made a call and then called us back. We ended up at the dive shop and got some beautiful and reasonably priced Saba beach towels for all of our guests.

We want to thank Michael and Albert of SABA Island Properties for their warm and professional help with our wonderful vacation wedding. The memories will stay with us for the rest of our lives.

♦   ♦

Andy Beam & Amber Welsh

Amber and Andy reside in Houston, Texas. Andy is a Chemical Engineer working in Saudi Arabia as Commissioning & Startup Manager at Sadara Chemical, a joint venture of Dow Chemical Company and Saudi Aramco.  Amber works for Innovative Alternatives in Houston, TX, a non-profit organization supporting employee training and wellness, healing and direction for individuals and families facing tragic and/or life changing events.

Saba Island Properties Testimonials

Dan Guida

Owner ~ Hummingbird Villa ~ Saba

I am someone who is passionate about life. Everything I do, I do with love and the full force of my being…or not at all.

I was very pleasantly surprised to find kindred spirits in Albert and Michael when I decided to list my home with them. They went out of their way to make the process painless, gather information, take pictures, set a realistic price based on market conditions, and showcase my home in a manner that is at once accurate and flattering.  This detailed, thorough, objective and ethical approach is especially important on Saba, where the same realtor customarily represents both the buyer and seller.

Albert and Michael care.  They care about the island of Saba, its people and the environment.  They don’t just sit down, ask a few questions and draw up a contract.  They care enough to take the time to help a seller showcase her home in the most advantageous fashion, offering decorating and even reconfiguration tips when necessary.  They care enough to tour the property multiple times, becoming intimately familiar with every detail so they can accurately represent the home and help a buyer find the ideal fit.

I had a decorating mishap (not easy to remedy on Saba, a small island with a dearth of readily available resources) and needed someone with practical knowledge of decorating and panache, who thinks outside the box, to come up with a solution.  I thought nothing of asking Albert and Michael to help, even though my request went way above and beyond the call of duty, because they are the type of people who eagerly, happily and routinely deliver a level of unparalleled, excellent service that goes way beyond that which can reasonably be expected.  Albert and Michael to the rescue!  They were thrilled that I asked them to help.  As I write this, I am awaiting their fix for 3 sets of custom drapes that are too short and not wide enough.  I feel confident that they will come up with a brilliant, tasteful solution. If there were a dedicated HGTV network for Saba, Albert and Michael from SABA Island Properties would surely be running it.

Whether you are a buyer or seller, I can’t recommend the services of these two very knowledgeable, ethical and caring men highly enough. Their commitment to excellence and superior service is rare to find anywhere on the planet, least of all on a small island. – Dan Guida – Saba Resident

Testimonial - Albert & Michael - Saba ISland Properties

Emory Robotham

Saba, Dutch Caribbean

Trust — That’s why I recommend you hire Albert & Michael of SABA Island Properties. They balance their clients needs with trustworthy properties. I want to sell my home to a buyer who isn’t bamboozled. Mutual trust matters.

They’re active listeners. They arranged my home for its best presentation… Michael and Albert assured my needs would be respected. They take notes. Then they re-state or paraphrase what they have heard in their own words to confirm what they have heard from their client. Very effective!!

It’s one stop shopping with them. I’m off island for six months they offer to find me responsible renters. I need a gardener, painting done, water pump replaced… Albert and Michael offer me an affordable maintenance plan.

24/7…twenty-four-seven. They’re constantly on the job. That’s all they do. All day. Every day. SABA Island Properties has an international network of property seeking clients for whom they present available Caribbean properties. Trust.

Testimonial Saba Island Properties

H.M.L. (Hildegard) Buitink MA

Chief of Police - Dutch Caribbean Police Force

“Dear Mr. Pensis and Mr. Feeley — I am writing you to express my personal appreciation
for your cooperation and that of your staff during the period between May and June
[when you helped us secure several rental properties on Saba for our team.]

The support of organizations such as yours made our team feel welcome on Saba
and created the possibility for us to focus completely on our work…Your attention and effort
is greatly appreciated especially during times of extreme pressure. 

On behalf of the entire team, thank you very much! Best Regards -”