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Saba Island Properties Testimonial

Olof Landgren – Sweden & Saba Property Owner

Albert & Michael, you certainly had a big hand in us going from a daydream to a life plan [helping us find the right land on Saba to build our home]. You understand dreams yet see what is real — and making the connection is a rare talent that requires emotional intelligence as well as practical knowledge and hard work.

I for one am grateful for the work you guys do, and for making two new friends in the process!

Saba Island Properties Albert & Michael Tesimonials

Herman Henken – Haiku House – Saba – Co-Owner

As co-owners of the Haiku House, we have had, once again, a dream vacation on Saba in the
Haiku House! We want to express our heartfelt gratitude to Michael & Albert for their excellent management services — which they have given to us for more than five years already. Whenever we stay in paradise on Saba it’s like living in a fairy-tale not only because of the spectacular Haiku House with its privacy and elegance but merely because of their all around services.
Indispensable is what they are. If you ask for great ambiance – top quality – unusual comfort and care… they deliver it all in one unique house.

Testimonial Albert & Michael - Saba Island Properties

Greg & Sue Marquise – St. Petersburg, Florida + Saba

Greg (retired attorney, TV news anchorman, assistant to a US Senator, entrepreneur) & Sue Marquise (retired entrepreneur including innkeeper with properties from 9-45 rooms – Whitehall Inn, Camden, Maine), Dad and Mom to four great kids, now living in St. Petersburg, Florida.

At one time, we owned a multi-office real estate brokerage in Maine, and, when we decided to sell one of our properties on Saba, the natural inclination for us was to try to sell it ourselves. That is, until we opened our eyes to a much better option, Saba Island Properties.

We have known Michael & Albert (M&A as they are known by many) since we arrived and fell in love with Saba about the same time as them. We knew the extensive skills they brought from prior pursuits, and we also knew the challenges they faced as “newbies”, trying to “up” the real estate game on an island. But, in a remarkably short period of time, they became the “go to” people for island real estate.

We are fussy. So, for us, there were lots of things, important to us in selling (or buying) a property anywhere, but perhaps even more important on Saba.

Here are our top 10: 

1. Understanding the market. Knowledge is power, as they say, and M&A are both deliberate and intelligent people, who quickly grasped all areas of the island and their differences. Saba is many different communities with varying climates. Saba is also just one island in a very large region of islands. A perspective of how Saba fits and compares is especially essential to someone considering a move here. M&A have it.

2. Experience. Michael’s varied background includes top-notch communication strengths that are important to any successful business. Albert’s design skills can stimulate a buyer’s vision but also can help a seller make a better presentation of their property. Both M&A have world class backgrounds that helped make their transition to their now highly successful five years as brokers on Saba. This has been more than helpful to us.

3. Vision. Saba is a novel place for most people, and you need to have vision not only for a new house, or even an existing house or building, but perhaps an overall vision of what a Saban lifestyle will be for you. Everyone has life experiences, but some people are better able to convey those experiences than others. Even before we listed our property, we regularly called on M&A to assist us with things they already had experienced, such as the residency process. M&A have lived around the world. They had a vision for themselves on Saba, their lifestyle, their local investments, how they would fit in, and even what their house would look like (and we had considered buying it before they did, and we could not envision the amazing transformation they made of it).

4. Engaging Personalities. Personalities, of course, are always subjective, but M&A became instant friends. Everyone we know on the island will say that M&A always have something interesting to say, are great listeners and are sincere, warm and sharing.

5. Connections. Perhaps it’s the engaging personalities, maybe their curiosity, but M&A quickly connected with local people. This connection to locals, expats, government officials, contractors, merchants and other business people is certainly key to their brokerage business and clients.

6. Detailed-oriented. We wanted someone who would get to know our property as if it were theirs; someone who could make the best case of why our house might make sense to others. M&A always made us feel like we were more than a listing; for example, they both climbed over numerous rocks and around spiny cactus, without any hesitation, on our steep property to understand our boundaries and our views.

7. Integrity.The most important qualities for a broker are honesty, integrity and fairness. For buyers AND sellers. We know first hand that this is the foundation of everything they have created with
Saba Island Properties.

8. Marketing. Take a look at their office in Windwardside; maybe a “showroom” is a more apt description. It says it all; a brilliant presentation, innovative and an easy way for properties to be displayed 24/7. And, innovation has been a hallmark of their brokerage. We weren’t sure what to think of listings that all contained statements from sellers as to why they loved the property they were selling. Our initial pause perhaps was never having seen such a thing. But, when it was our turn to talk about our property, we couldn’t wait to do it. M&A are re-writing the brokerage manual; it’s just unusual that they are doing it for such a small audience.

9. Caring & Communications. It also may be unusual to pair these two qualities. For many brokerage companies, you list with them and they may send you some requisite, almost pro-forma, updates on such things as a showing. They often view their job only as a broker who simply puts two parties together. It can be perfunctory, but it also can be a delicate balancing act. We have a general idea of what M&A each earned in their prior lives; we also know enough of the finances of real estate brokerages, that on Saba, we are sure M&A are doing this for the love of what they are doing and the love of people they are doing it for. Our experience with M&A is that when they talk to you or email you, they are writing to you as if you are family. They care about you, rather than just making a sale.

10. Results. Did we mention that M&A were tenacious AND successful in selling our property, generating two acceptable offers at the same time?

M&A far exceeded our expectations on ALL Ten.

Thank you for everything!!!

Saba Island Properties - Albert & Michael - Testimonial

Casey & Steve Radican – Saba Home Owners – Cloudbreak Villa

Working with Saba Island Properties is like creating a clone of your best self.
Albert & Michael aren’t the property managers that THINK they know what you want.
Instead they know EXACTLY what you want because they take the time to listen, ask questions,
get to know the property, and truly understand the details of your expectations and desire for your guests. They don’t take short cuts. With every rental booking they go the extra mile to ensure your guests are well managed and well taken care of. Their professionalism shines and
their commitment to our home – Cloudbreak Villa –  is personal. 

Testimonial - Albert & Michael - Saba Island Propertiesa

Professor Elena Tolstov – MD, PhD – USA – Israel & Captain Alex Tolstov – USA – Russia – Israel

We are world travelers, spoiled, “saw-it-all” kind of persons. We decided to come to Saba for an emotional retreat. We took a job that was not important, but what we were looking for was –
luxury accommodations – nature – unusual experience – beauty – exotics – etc.
And we got it all.
We were so happy on Saba and very happy to have spent some time in the Champagne Cottage.

We saw this cottage on the internet and we called Albert & Michael Saba Island Properties
to ask about the place. I was so surprised by the great professional attitude, excellent language, amazing manners, high professionalism of Albert & Michael. They explained to us everything, booked the place and made our stay so comfortable! They took care of every need for us and we felt like we were at home.

The cottage itself is unbelievably beautiful, luxury, well kept. It can easily accommodate several people. Everything was amazing about our stay there – the house, the design, the furniture, linens.
Great kitchen, clean pool, amazing views of the sea and the mountains.

The nature was very unusual, windy, not hot, very comfortable – Local food was unusual and delicious. Great experience.

Saba is a small island, but it is really intoxicating! It was an unforgettable experience – one of a kind. We were really happy to live there and spend time on Saba, with Michael & Albert… amazing hosts.

We would strongly recommend Champagne Cottage for everybody who is looking for a new, unusual experience… emotional and spiritual retreat.

Testimonial Saba Island Properties _ Albert & Michal

Anne Czerner – Co-Founder – ‘Essential Africa’ – Johannesburg, South Africa

What is rare in the world of real estate, is finding someone that genuinely cares, has empathy and humility, that is in this for the long run, that takes the time to discover exactly what you are looking for and sifts through all the options and comes up with a property that is absolutely ideal for you.

A property investment is not only one of the largest investments you ever make, but it is an investment in a lifestyle, a decision on what is truly important in life, what matters.

Michael and Saba Island Properties takes you through a process that allows you to distil the essence of what you truly desire, and then match this with the appropriate property.

He does this because he is totally passionate about life, about Saba and all it offers. He has moved to Saba himself, understands what it takes to make this move, and can guide you every step of the way.

Regards – Anne Czerner – Essential Africa

Albert & Michael - Saba Island Properties - Testimonial

Andrew & Laurie Wright – Brighton, Wisconsin

Saba an island or private club? Forget ‘Mustique’ this is real!

Ok, I’ve been quiet too long about my private club, Saba that I share with 1300 of my new closest friends… Anyone that lives in a small town, a suburb, a private gated community or in a condo etc. cannot have the amenities that this bespoke location has. It has a utopian element that we all search for. Here it is right in front of your eyes in Saba. The short list is that there is no unemployment, health care for all, a place to live affordably, a place where everyone knows you and is pleasant even if they disagree with you, which leads to little or no crime. They even SWEEP the streets and I mean with a broom and shovel. And best of all it’s a Tropical Island with the suns warmth, tropical breezes, fabulous dining, world class diving and yes in this day of Zika — no mosquitoes!

So how would you go about creating this and then how would you pay for this?
The easy answer is fly on down and book a room or better yet a house.

We first started our trips to Saba over 25 years ago staying at the Queen’s Gardens Hotel (very nice) and more recently at the Haiku House (over the top… literally).

When we stayed at the Haiku House we meet the unbelievable team of Michael & Albert whom manage the functions of the house, along with having just about every property on the island that is for sale or rent available at their real estate company SABA ISLAND PROPERTIES.

There (again literally) is nothing they can’t do. Construction, Design (Albert is the Guru of Design and making the impossible come to life), Logistics, and making you feel Relaxed and Important (Michael is master of this one). They listen intently and remember your thoughts like an elephant. They epitomize the work ethic that we used to see. They represent all that Saba has to offer. We recently had to cancel all of our travel plans for this past winter and stay in the frozen north. The first thing we did once we could travel is go to Saba and have dinner with Albert & Michael and catch up.

I cannot say enough great things about this duo, other than to say that if you are fortunate enough to visit your private club Saba, make sure you look up these two as they could easily trump your best concierge.

Saba Island Properties Testimonial

Ben Baker – President & CEO – “Your Brand Marketing” – Vancouver, Canada

Michael’s unique gift is empathy — that you absolutely care about your clients and facilitating a lifestyle change.

It’s not a house Saba Island Properties is selling, but a home. The distinction is vitally important.

Your niche is being the full service expats that you are. Allowing people the opportunity to live out their dreams and making sure that the reality lives up to their fantasy. Not many realtors from
New York, to London, to Vancouver take this extra and vital step to deliver Marketing Joy.

You understand what it is like to move from one of the largest metropolitan areas in the US, if not the world (New York City) to an island that can fit inside Central Park. It’s being able to tell a unique story, to a unique audience that will absolutely trust you as you have been there and can help them make the decision that is best for them… and they will tell their friends.

You enable a lifestyle and your goal is to make people feel like they have won the lottery. You do that!

Ben Baker – Your Marketing Brand

Saba Island Properties Testimonials

Melange Travel & Lifestyle Magazine – Debbie Austin

Congratulations, Albert & Michael… on your 5 year business anniversary. It has been an absolute pleasure working with you both, promoting your Saba properties and by extension, promoting the island of Saba as the true gem that it is.

The love you have for Saba certainly shines through on your website and Blog, and your gracious, genuine nature is also evident in the way you interact with others — we have experienced this first-hand. So, I extend hearty congratulations on behalf of the Mélange team, and we wish you continued success in the years ahead. 

Testimonial - Albert & Michael - Saba ISland Properties

Paul Van Doesburg – USA + Saba Property Owner

Congratulations Albert & Michael on 5 years of splendid work! 

Looking to your portfolio I can say — you changed the real estate market on the Unspoiled Queen. I think you both brought a personal touch to the real estate business on Saba. This is exactly what the island needs. 

Wishing you lots of success for Saba Island Properties in the years to come.