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Testimonial - Haiku House

The Fraipont Family – North Carolina

Beautiful – architect designed house with stunning views

Our family just spent a week at Haiku House on beautiful Saba. The house is well designed and perfectly located to enjoy cooling breezes and lovely views of the ocean and town (the Bottom) below.

Michael (Saba Island Properties) was an outstanding host, volunteering to buy groceries for us prior to our arrival due to holiday store closings. He also coordinated our car rental, dinner reservations and taxis. He made the arrival process smooth and pleasant. We felt quite pampered by him!

Haiku House has three nicely decorated bedrooms with a/c for comfortable sleeping. The windows in the living room and master bedroom slide open completely, allowing the tropical breezes to blow through the house. The house has a large, comfortable office (if one sadly has to work during their stay!). We enjoyed drinks and dinner on the deck most nights during our stay. Other highlights: sunsets and stargazing from the lower deck, warming up after diving in the jacuzzi, watching the clouds blow by during brief rain showers.

Saba was a very pleasant surprise! The diving is outstanding. The hiking is also very good—we particularly liked the Sandy Cruz trail which ends very close to the house. The architecture on the island is charming—red roofs, “gingerbread” trim. The locals were welcoming and seemed happy we were there (probably since Saba isn’t overrun with tourists like many other Caribbean islands).

Our family has stayed in many vacation rentals over the years. We agreed that this was our favorite to date!

Saba Island Properties Testimonial

Lisa and Paul – New York

We recently spent two wonderful weeks at Haiku House.  The house is beautiful and comfortable in a serene setting.  We enjoyed taking our coffee outside and watching The Bottom (the capital of Saba) come to life in the morning with the blue ocean beyond.  When the clouds roll down the mountain, you feel suspended in the air; your only companions are the birds, a chicken or two, and the occasional goat.  At sunset, we would take cocktails down to the lower deck to enjoy the view over the neighboring hills.  There is ample room to spread out and relax either on the various decks, in the pool or hot tub, or on the couch in the bright and airy living room.

This was our first visit to Saba, and Michael at Saba Island Properties was gracious and welcoming.  He helped us book the house through the owner and took care of all of the details, including stocking the house with essentials, sending a taxi to the airport to meet us, arranging for a private chef, recommending restaurants, and more.  Every request was handled promptly and efficiently.  Michael  & Albert are most charming and seem to know everyone on the island.  Whether you stay at Haiku House or another of the houses they manage, you will be in very capable hands.  The owner of Haiku House, Caroline Hompes, was lovely to deal with and followed up after our visit to make sure we had an enjoyable stay.

While it was tempting to stay at the house all day, we did manage to see most of the island and take a number of hikes, including the trails up Mount Scenery and to the abandoned sulfur mine.  The Sandy Cruz trail, another favorite, starts very near the house.  The hiking can be as easy or as challenging as you like, and there is an excellent trail guide in the library at the house.  You can also hire “Crocodile” James Johnson, a fifth-generation Saban, to guide you.  We never saw another person on any of the trails and the views are striking as is the profound silence when you walk through the forest or along the cliffs.

While The Bottom is quieter than Windwardside, the other town on the island, it has two excellent places for breakfast or lunch, Bottom Bean and Island Flavors, as well as a bakery and two grocery stores.  Saba may be one of the friendliest places on Earth, and strangers really do wave at you as you walk or drive by!  As time passes, you become familiar with the rhythms of daily life on the island, including the much anticipated arrival of the supply boat on Wednesdays.  You will feel part of it all very quickly.  We could have easily spent another two weeks on Saba and hope to return soon!

Saba Island Properties Albert & Michael Tesimonials

Anderson Nichols – Salem Massachusetts, USA

My first visit to Saba was over 50 years ago. I remembered how very special that visit was, the natural beauty, the tranquility and most especially the people, so warm and kind. I vowed to return one day. This past January I returned after half a century with family and friends.

We stayed at Haiku House on Troy Hill, a  beautiful Japanese inspired home overlooking the Caribbean Sea. Like the rest of the island the house is magical!

We had planned to come in 2020, then 2021 but due to COVID plans were changed. Caroline Hompes was wonderful with our booking and changes. Very thoughtful and kept us up to date with Saba’s closures and reopening’s.

Michael Feeley – Saba Island Properties – manages the property. He could not have been kinder making restaurant reservations, securing a private chef, stocking the fridge, etc. we all felt extremely well taken care of!!

We can’t recommend visiting Saba and Haiku House enough. An incredibly special place.
Looking forward to many more visits.

Testimonial - Haiku House

Karl Wichser – Atlanta, Georgia

The booking process for Haiku House was easy given the international nature of rental and payments.  Caroline Hompes provided detailed and accurate banking information.  The ability to pay in US dollars made payment easy.  She confirmed receipt of payment very promptly… The ability to work directly with Caroline and Michael (property manager – Saba Island Properties) was invaluable.

Both Caroline and Michael (Saba Island Properties) were very helpful with several matters, including advice on transportation, arrival, departure, restaurants, rental car, and use of Haiku House.  They both helped make our first visit to Saba much more enjoyable.   

We valued most Caroline and Michael’s prompt and clear communication and trustworthiness.

Haiku House is a beautiful home – beautiful location, privacy, nice weather, friendly people, hiking to the top of Mount Scenery, and the tide pools.

We were treated well during our stay, respectfully and with courtesy.  Michael was always responsive to our inquiries either via phone or WhatsApp. 

We will forever have fond memories of our first visit to Saba.

Testimonial Albert & Michael - Saba Island Properties

Loraine & Martin – New York

Although Saba is free of Covid related restrictions, we found ourselves in self-imposed lockdown in the Haiku House – and loved every minute. We did plan to explore Saba but found this extraordinary property difficult to leave.

Haiku House is the perfect place to spend a peaceful holiday. It is spacious yet intimate. Secluded yet accessible. It is fully equipped with every amenity one could possibly need. It is bliss to be surrounded by sounds and sights of unspoiled nature in complete privacy. The pool deck and cocktail level are stunners, but our favorite activity was sinking into the couch in the morning to watch the everchanging view of the clouds over the mountain through the open doors. 

We were familiar with Michael & Albert’s hospitality from a previous short stay. But, again, they exceeded our expectations. We arrived very early to meet Michael, who had stocked the refrigerator and pantry with delicious and refreshing essentials. He even helped my husband purchase a special surprise gift and dinner reservation for my birthday. There was no request they couldn’t fulfill. 

We also had the pleasure of communicating with Caroline about our booking and visit. Although being many time zones away, Caroline was always responsive and helpful. She was extremely flexible and reassuring during these uncertain times.

Haiku House is the perfect antidote to the last year of unease. Looking forward to returning many more times. 

Saba Island Properties Testimonial - Albert & Michael

Dr. Todd Brooking M.D.,B.S., M.A., MT and Tami Brooking – Photographer – Washington – USA

“Waking up in the Haiku House is a dream…

The smell of fresh air infused with Saban oranges, ferns, and wild island flowers; the astonishing views of a turquoise ocean; and the quiet tranquil feeling that takes over. In all honesty, with all of our extensive traveling, nothing is quite as unique and exquisite as time spent at the pristine property.

We lived on Saba years ago. Queen Beatrice (Queen of Holland) would often come to visit the island and she would always stay at the Haiku House  For us to have the chance to come back to this beautiful island and experience it as a tourist was nothing short of amazing. We always feel like it’s a rare opportunity to step back in time and enjoy “island time” and escape from our overscheduled routines once we step foot on “The Unspoiled Queen” island.

You will feel like a VIP here! From the time you book the property until the time you depart
Michael & Albert Saba Island Propertiesgo above and beyond to ensure the highest quality service. They were quick to accommodate our special requests furthering a prestigious experience. We are most impressed with their quick and detailed communication responses, reassuring us that everything was in place. I highly recommend that you treat yourself to this once in a lifetime type of vacation.” 

Saba Island Properties Testimonial

Olof Landgren – Sweden & Saba Property Owner

Albert & Michael, you certainly had a big hand in us going from a daydream to a life plan [helping us find the right land on Saba to build our home]. You understand dreams yet see what is real — and making the connection is a rare talent that requires emotional intelligence as well as practical knowledge and hard work.

I for one am grateful for the work you guys do, and for making two new friends in the process!

Saba Island Properties Albert & Michael Tesimonials

Herman Henken – Haiku House – Saba – Co-Owner

As co-owners of the Haiku House, we have had, once again, a dream vacation on Saba in the
Haiku House! We want to express our heartfelt gratitude to Michael & Albert for their excellent management services — which they have given to us for more than five years already. Whenever we stay in paradise on Saba it’s like living in a fairy-tale not only because of the spectacular Haiku House with its privacy and elegance but merely because of their all around services.
Indispensable is what they are. If you ask for great ambiance – top quality – unusual comfort and care… they deliver it all in one unique house.

Testimonial Albert & Michael - Saba Island Properties

Greg & Sue Marquise – St. Petersburg, Florida + Saba

Greg (retired attorney, TV news anchorman, assistant to a US Senator, entrepreneur) & Sue Marquise (retired entrepreneur including innkeeper with properties from 9-45 rooms – Whitehall Inn, Camden, Maine), Dad and Mom to four great kids, now living in St. Petersburg, Florida.

At one time, we owned a multi-office real estate brokerage in Maine, and, when we decided to sell one of our properties on Saba, the natural inclination for us was to try to sell it ourselves. That is, until we opened our eyes to a much better option, Saba Island Properties.

We have known Michael & Albert (M&A as they are known by many) since we arrived and fell in love with Saba about the same time as them. We knew the extensive skills they brought from prior pursuits, and we also knew the challenges they faced as “newbies”, trying to “up” the real estate game on an island. But, in a remarkably short period of time, they became the “go to” people for island real estate.

We are fussy. So, for us, there were lots of things, important to us in selling (or buying) a property anywhere, but perhaps even more important on Saba.

Here are our top 10: 

1. Understanding the market. Knowledge is power, as they say, and M&A are both deliberate and intelligent people, who quickly grasped all areas of the island and their differences. Saba is many different communities with varying climates. Saba is also just one island in a very large region of islands. A perspective of how Saba fits and compares is especially essential to someone considering a move here. M&A have it.

2. Experience. Michael’s varied background includes top-notch communication strengths that are important to any successful business. Albert’s design skills can stimulate a buyer’s vision but also can help a seller make a better presentation of their property. Both M&A have world class backgrounds that helped make their transition to their now highly successful five years as brokers on Saba. This has been more than helpful to us.

3. Vision. Saba is a novel place for most people, and you need to have vision not only for a new house, or even an existing house or building, but perhaps an overall vision of what a Saban lifestyle will be for you. Everyone has life experiences, but some people are better able to convey those experiences than others. Even before we listed our property, we regularly called on M&A to assist us with things they already had experienced, such as the residency process. M&A have lived around the world. They had a vision for themselves on Saba, their lifestyle, their local investments, how they would fit in, and even what their house would look like (and we had considered buying it before they did, and we could not envision the amazing transformation they made of it).

4. Engaging Personalities. Personalities, of course, are always subjective, but M&A became instant friends. Everyone we know on the island will say that M&A always have something interesting to say, are great listeners and are sincere, warm and sharing.

5. Connections. Perhaps it’s the engaging personalities, maybe their curiosity, but M&A quickly connected with local people. This connection to locals, expats, government officials, contractors, merchants and other business people is certainly key to their brokerage business and clients.

6. Detailed-oriented. We wanted someone who would get to know our property as if it were theirs; someone who could make the best case of why our house might make sense to others. M&A always made us feel like we were more than a listing; for example, they both climbed over numerous rocks and around spiny cactus, without any hesitation, on our steep property to understand our boundaries and our views.

7. Integrity.The most important qualities for a broker are honesty, integrity and fairness. For buyers AND sellers. We know first hand that this is the foundation of everything they have created with
Saba Island Properties.

8. Marketing. Take a look at their office in Windwardside; maybe a “showroom” is a more apt description. It says it all; a brilliant presentation, innovative and an easy way for properties to be displayed 24/7. And, innovation has been a hallmark of their brokerage. We weren’t sure what to think of listings that all contained statements from sellers as to why they loved the property they were selling. Our initial pause perhaps was never having seen such a thing. But, when it was our turn to talk about our property, we couldn’t wait to do it. M&A are re-writing the brokerage manual; it’s just unusual that they are doing it for such a small audience.

9. Caring & Communications. It also may be unusual to pair these two qualities. For many brokerage companies, you list with them and they may send you some requisite, almost pro-forma, updates on such things as a showing. They often view their job only as a broker who simply puts two parties together. It can be perfunctory, but it also can be a delicate balancing act. We have a general idea of what M&A each earned in their prior lives; we also know enough of the finances of real estate brokerages, that on Saba, we are sure M&A are doing this for the love of what they are doing and the love of people they are doing it for. Our experience with M&A is that when they talk to you or email you, they are writing to you as if you are family. They care about you, rather than just making a sale.

10. Results. Did we mention that M&A were tenacious AND successful in selling our property, generating two acceptable offers at the same time?

M&A far exceeded our expectations on ALL Ten.

Thank you for everything!!!

Saba Island Properties - Albert & Michael - Testimonial

Casey & Steve Radican – Saba Home Owners – Cloudbreak Villa

Working with Saba Island Properties is like creating a clone of your best self.
Albert & Michael aren’t the property managers that THINK they know what you want.
Instead they know EXACTLY what you want because they take the time to listen, ask questions,
get to know the property, and truly understand the details of your expectations and desire for your guests. They don’t take short cuts. With every rental booking they go the extra mile to ensure your guests are well managed and well taken care of. Their professionalism shines and
their commitment to our home – Cloudbreak Villa –  is personal.