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When you live in the Caribbean you’re surrounded by nature
What greenery!

The plants and vegetation are abundant and wild — a captivating part of Saba. You feel the life that surrounds you as you explore the island. All your senses are turned up high. Landscaping will always enhance your home with the delicacy and power of colors, shapes, volume, blossoms, textures and scents. The rugged and dramatic earth of Saba only adds to your home gardening possibilities — creating your own secret garden.

Sweet jasmine — brilliant colored bougainvillea and hibiscus — red and pink oleander — yellow bananas and alamanda — mangos, guava, passion fruit — ginger — orchids — palms — orangey-red African tulip trees — peach color angel’s trumpet — ferns — crown of thorns — striking heliconia — eye-catching crotons — white bridal bouquet — and scarlet flamboyant trees… stepping outside your door or sitting in your garden, you’ll experience the wonder and tropical allure of Saba all year long. Sometimes you can’t believe it’s real. It’s nature’s painting and gift to us all.

First prize blue ribbon winner in the county fair for his *Tiger Lilies*Michael is an avid gardener; has been since age six when he learned the difference between a weed and a ‘Jumping Jack Flower’. Mowing laws, working on farms, turning soil, planting, edging, pruning, designing. Michael gardens and plots wherever he goes. He just can’t help himself. You’re in excellent dirty hands with Michael’s knowledge, passion, creativity, enthusiasm, commitment and love of the earth with all its blooming possibilities. And… while Michael doesn’t like gossip he does know the best dirt.

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SABA Island Properties will assist you to build or restore your Caribbean gardens, blending architecture and land to your imagination and wishes. Sometimes it’s just a matter of weeding, mowing and cutting back to groom and revitalize your yard… creating harmony.

The beauty of the island is one big reason why we love Saba so much.  Albert & Michael
*The Only Expat Real Estate People on Saba – You can trust our experience *

We were very lucky to begin our journey on Saba with Albert and Michael. ‘You can’t do better than those guys’ was what we heard from others on a daily basis. You know what? They were (and are) right.
We would wholeheartedly recommend SABA Island Properties to anyone interested in renting or buying a quality property in this unique and wonderful corner of the world.Regan Lee & Roger Young
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*Expats offering you our years of experience moving — living — working on Saba.
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