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Saba Grounds You – Albert & Michael – Saba Island Properties

Saba Grounds You - Albert & Michael - Saba Island Properties


And… what beautiful grounding it is!

There is no other place like Saba in the Caribbean.

Saba offers a quality of life that stuns many people who first visit and wonder why they have never heard of this remarkable island paradise. Then they keep coming back for more Saba and wisely invest by regularly booking in their favorite hotel and room, renting a cottage or villa, and even purchasing land or home so they can live here full or part-time. That’s seriously grounded!

Saba’s land and scenery are magnificent and one of the big attractions for people who love nature – hiking – diving – bird watching –
and the luxury of relaxing in peace and joy. Doesn’t everything seem better, grounded, when you’re close to nature?

Many people say to us – “I feel at home on Saba. Like I’ve lived here a long time.” That’s grounded!

Saba is an inspirational and romantic place for creatives, photographers, writers, musicians, dancers, web designers, painters, exercise and yoga enthusiasts, environmentalists, entrepreneurs, people looking to retire or reinventing themselves.

As real estate brokers, we’re privileged to witness people falling in love with Saba, rejuvenating, releasing stress and fear, especially from
the emotional and physical strain of this long pandemic.

People seem to trust the world more when they come to Saba. The beauty and friendly people encourage it. Grounded!

Saba brings out immense gratitude in people because they value the ordinary things in life that matter – not feeling so vulnerable but
well-balanced and sensible. Grounded!

When you feel present in your body and connected to the world, you’re grounded – calm and centered and not controlled by the events of the outside world even while significant change and concern is going on in Afghanistan and the Middle East and the politics and cultural differences of the United States.

Our real estate sales are still going up. People call and email us often about homes and land we’re selling and set dates to visit Saba and look at properties. They have dreams and plans to fulfill because life is more precious than it ever has been.

There are changes in life and work that people are looking for now and in the near future. Some are relocating, and others are taking breaks from work – what we call taking a Sababbatical to reset themselves, looking to do work they love – work that will make a difference
in people’s lives.

One advantage of the pandemic is that people like working remotely and do it with great ease and success. One more fact for feeling grounded, connected, and present all around the world.

Saba is proud of setting world standards to be safe from covid – leading and protecting the island with generous and tough care. That kind of commitment and trust – living in safety and beauty – is why people feel grounded on Saba.

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Albert & Michael Saba Island PropertiesAlbert & Michael - Saba Island Properties
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Michael’s writing is published at Arianna Huffington’s – Thrive Global, The Huffington Post,
Medium, Maria Shriver’s Website, LinkedIn, Michael Port, The Fordyce Letter, Mélange Magazine
 and others.
Along with this international monthly Blog Michael publishes daily on his coaching website – Commit2Change.

Michael Feeley

Michael Feeley, Life Coach:

Why Saba?

After living and working in New York City for 40+ years I leaped right out of the rat race of corporate America; leaving behind the relentless stress and competition that was wasting me; to rediscover what really matters to me in life.

We went looking for a new home all over the world - the Azores, the Maldives, France, Italy, Spain, Morocco, Malta, the Caribbean and by pure luck, found Saba.

Saba gives me peace, joy, freedom and a community where I feel I belong. People are respected here; living free and open, in the heart of deep nature and incredible beauty. It's a remarkable change.

The work we do enables us to care about other people. Helping them find a new home with practical empathy for their needs and dreams. It's an emotional investment. To listen. To understand. It's work that matters to us. Work we're proud of.

Maybe you have similar yearnings for change. Wanting a better way to live.
A place where you feel at home, with yourself and with the world.

You might just be looking for a new spot to vacation. Unique. Unknown. Crowd-less. Safe. Friendly.... Hello Saba.

Or... you're already hooked on Saba and keep coming back year after year because you love it! Booking your favorite hotel and room or renting a Saba cottage or villa.

Or... Saba's lifestyle makes you dream of a bigger change. A more personal connection to this exclusive, wonder of an island. Something lasting. Just yours and investing in a home is fixed in your mind and heart.

Feel free to email me and let's find out exactly what you want and see - Is the Caribbean island of Saba right for you? Let's make those thoughts and wishes a reality and then... they won't be thoughts and wishes anymore.

I look forward to saying to you one day --'Welcome home!
Be it for a week or... a lifetime.

*And yes, it's true. I was a professional actor, singer, model (actually working) in New York City and noted theatres throughout the United States: The Actors Playhouse, The Kennedy Center, Syracuse Stage, Elitch Gardens, Ogunquit Playhouse -- working with John Raitt, Howard Keel, Allan Jones, Howard Da Silva, Tovah Feldshuh, Bobby Van, Ford Models.
(I even sang for President Jimmy Carter).

I transitioned from acting (because I wanted to) into the travel industry and later, working as a headhunter for over 20 years in NYC with: The Marriott Corporation, Jones Dairy Farm, Cotton Incorporated, The New York Post, Spike Lee DDB, MetLife, Sullivan & Cromwell, Peter Marino Architect, Reliance National Insurance, Black Rock Financial, Parachute Publishing, Burberry, Asprey Jewelry, The Hunger Project, Macklowe Real Estate.

I'm an Akimbo Workshop Coach for Seth Godin and a certified Life + Career + Change Coach; working with all kinds of people around the globe: creatives - human resources professionals - executives - artists - musicians - gardeners - college deans and teachers - doctors - hotel owners - computer wizards - other coaches... helping them create the change they want in their work and lives; to do better, to be happier and even discover what they really want to do with their lives.

Please take a look at my Coaching website and see how I can be useful to you:

My favorite quote is by poet Mary Oliver because it truly says what I want to know about you in such an unforgettable way:

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"

I'm also proud to have my writings about real estate and coaching published at: Thrive Global - The Huffington Post - Maria Shriver - Michael Port - The Fordyce Letter - LinkedIn - Medium and others.

You can email me:

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