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Land at ‘Rendez-Vous’ – SOLD – Albert & Michael – Saba Island Properties

Lot Area: 828 square meters
~ A Garden and A Gathering Place ~

Located in the district of Rendez-Vous, on the edge of the rain forest of Mt. Scenery,
this beautiful 828 square meter parcel of land truly represents the lush, green landscape of Saba that is so loved by travelers, hikers, conservationists and the community of Saba.

Call it ‘your kitchen garden’ because that’s what it is.
Rich Saban farm land. Organic. Natural. Historical too.
Rendez-Vous was a meeting place on Saba where people would assemble in case of hurricanes or calamities.

We’re delighted to have found a buyer who sees the potential in this property.
Caring about the environment, agriculture and the land.

Land is one of the most valuable and secure things you can ever invest in and connect to.
Especially on Saba.

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Albert & Michael Saba Island Properties
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