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Green Gates Apartment Building – SOLD – Albert & Michael – Saba Island Properties

Bedrooms: 4 Bathrooms: 4 Stories: 2

Green Gates Apartment BuildingPerfect in So Many Ways

  • Perfect location  — Booby Hill (5 minute walk into Windwardside Village)
  • Perfect size — 4 one bedroom apartments (2 above and 2 below on ground level)
  • Perfect investment — added income for you (always fully rented)


  • Private off street parking driveway
  • 2 Cisterns
  • Storage shed with washer and dryer
  • Splendid views of Mt. Scenery (the highest point in the kingdom of The Netherlands)


Reminiscent of the plantation style home with its natural cooling, open front porch feature

We’ve always liked Green Gates for its style and location. Don’t you love the name? It’s right out of a novel.
When you look at the house you can see yourself living there, in one of those fascinating apartments. Planning. Fixing it up.
Making it your home… a living space that inspires you. Green Gates gives out warmth and comfort and security.

It’s self contained, strong, simple, practical, beautiful to see, sense and feel.

We’re so happy to have found a buyer for this wonderful property! Who knew we’d end up selling it.

In this case, at home on Saba means investing in a business rental property and living well.

[Thank you Cece & Jason Schweitzer – ‘Saba Island Services’ – for the photos]


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