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‘Ecolodge’ – SOLD!

Bedrooms: 12
 ‘Ecolodge Rendez-Vous’  the well known, one and only, Saba environmental hotel is — SOLD!

Perfectly integrated with nature, the 12 guest cabins and restaurant of Ecolodge are nestled in the mystique of the rain forest —
a splendid setting for people who want to continue to invest in and attract ecotourism to the Dutch Caribbean island of Saba with its
sensational hiking trails and world renowned deep sea diving.

Located at the top of Mt. Scenery Road, and constructed some 12 years ago with great love and respect for nature, the Ecolodge founders focused on minimal interference of the tropical ecosystem; diligently caring for the earth and enhancing the innate assets of the property.
They have succeeded in protecting and defending the jungle habitat with hardly any impact on the actual physical land of Ecolodge.

The Nature Conservancy has this definition of ecotourism presented by the World Conservation Union (IUCN):

“Environmentally responsible travel to natural areas, in order to enjoy and appreciate nature
(and accompanying cultural features, both past and present) that promote conservation,
have a low visitor impact and provide for beneficially active socio-economic involvement of local peoples.”

It includes:

*Protecting local plants and animals
*Supporting biodiversity
*Employing methods for water saving and freshness
*Renewable energy sources such as solar energy
*On-site farming and serving of natural and local foods
*Awareness and sensitivity to local culture and conservation ideals and work
*Educating people about protecting the environment and the benefits it will produce for happy and healthy lives

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Albert & Michael are deeply thankful for the honor and opportunity to learn about the vision and history of Ecolodge Rendez-Vous
directly from two of the people who built it:

• Conservationist and one of the chief creators of EcolodgeTom van’t Hof
 Local artist – Heleen Cornet

You’ll see how much love they freely give in their words; telling the world of this extraordinary place and the purpose with which it was built.

Tom van’t Hof:

Ecolodge represents peace and quiet, the sounds and smells of nature in the purest form. The original concept was to offer off the grid accommodations, without vehicular access, where guests would sacrifice a bit of comfort for close proximity with nature. It’s at the edge of the rainforest, yet not too remote that access would present a problem.

The name is historic. The area has always been know as rendez-vous, supposedly because this is where people from the neighboring areas would gather in case of a hurricane or calamity.

One memory that makes me happy is this… I’d be in the garden, picking herbs or lettuce for the kitchen, or perhaps weeding, while guests would come back from their activity or would come down from their cabins to have a drink in the restaurant. Invariably they would start chatting and asking lots of questions about the garden or nature around the lodge. You see that people are enjoying themselves, that they are happy and this is the most rewarding experience you can have as owner.

My favorite time of day is very early morning and sundown, because of the bird activity and songs and sounds. I hope the new owners of Ecolodge will  give it the constant attention and work it needs and above all, love.”

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Heleen Cornet:

“I especially love Ecolodge in the morning and late evening. When the light is yellow orange with long shadows and the birds are getting up or going to bed making all the necessary noises to find the right spot to start a new day or night. When you walk to Ecolodge at that time you feel like you’re entering another world. The idea is you’re one with nature. Get away from a hectic lifestyle. Find your own true self.

I always saw it as a peaceful little village where people were self-supporting, had time to listen to each other and paint or meditate.

My favorite time is when the sky is bright and the wind is calm. It is also wonderful at a full moon when the forest seems to breath the rhythm to the earth.

And of her original art, on the walls and furnishings of the dwellings, she tells us this:

The idea was to give each cottage its own personal character. I looked for subjects from nature and Saba’s culture. It took me about two years to personalize the cottages and I must say that I loved to decorate all the cottages and the restaurant. I also designed mobiles, tables and put paintings in the cottages. There were nice signs along the paths and with the hot tubs there was optimal possibility to find your personal hideaway. So much room for romance and just happiness. I hope the new owners will take care to bring back the wonderful feeling that was part of the property…to respect the place and realize that it is a present for them to take care of.”

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A rare and vital opportunity is present now on Saba with the sale of Ecolodge
where you’re surrounded by the natural beauty of the Caribbean island of Saba and…
this unique living experience.
The entire property, on approximately one acre of land, is offered at — $650,000.00 USD

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