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‘Diamond Rock View’ – SOLD! – Well’s Bay

Marvelous lot in the vicinity of Well’s Bay — 682 square meters

The Well’s Bay area is just outside of the capital village The Bottom, on the west coast side of the island. Historic and absolutely gripping.
When you drive or walk the Well’s Bay Road you immediately understand why Saba is called The Unspoiled Queen. Not just because of its extraordinary ecosystem but because of the visually dramatic, untouched rocky shore and cliffs.

♦ Diamond Rock View ♦ is situated at the end of a semi-private road within walking distance to Well’s Bay and past the historic series of steps called The Ladderwhich once was the only way on and off the island for all people and supplies coming to Saba.

Utilities are a few yards away at the main road winding down and down to Well’s Bay.

‘Beauty beyond Belief is what you’ll experience here. Flawless in it’s ruggedness. An unrivaled spot on the island of Saba. Whenever we come here we’re filled with wonder at the spectacle and phenomenon of Saba. You’ll marvel at the sunsets, Diamond Rock itself and enjoy snorkeling, swimming and sailing with direct views of the sea dotted with white sails of catamarans and private yachts anchored below. 

We’re honored to represent this gorgeous property as we expand our portfolio of real estate to Well’s Bay. It’s something else!Albert & Michael

Come with your private vision and buy into this wonderful offering.
Then… build your front porch and relax.
The view takes care of itself.
♦ Diamond Rock View ♦ is offered for — $95,000.00 USD

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