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Saba is a surprising place… an oasis in the Caribbean

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BBC Travel – January 10, 2024 – #3 Saba – 10 Sustainable Travel Destinations in 2024
Forbes – September 8, 2023Discover Saba: The Sustainable Jewel Of The Caribbean
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– Vogue May 31, 2017 – A Guide to Saba: The Caribbean’s Best-Kept Secret
National Geographic names Saba ~ #3 of the Ten Best Islands in the World 
Travel and Leisure Magazine twice names Saba ~ No. 1 island in the Caribbean
– Scuba Diving Magazine 2015 
names Saba ~ 3rd Best Marine Environment

Saba is located in the Northern Caribbean Sea and with an easy 12 minute ‘Winair’ flight from St. Maarten, you’re on island…landing on the shortest commercial runway strip in the world. Something pilots have been successfully doing for the past 50 years.

Two ferries also sail from St. Maarten in about 90 minutes, three times a week.

Saba Island Properties

Settled by the Dutch in 1632, Saba Island’s peak is Mount Scenery, an actual volcano, and has the distinction of being the highest point in Holland – 2,910 feet. The trek up is one of the highlights of the many scenic trails that exist for climbing and hiking around the island.

Saba Sunrise

 Since 2010, the island is a “special municipality” of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.
The current population is 1,990 residents; approximately 400 are students (when classes are in session) who attend
The Saba University School of Medicine.
One of the treasures found here is Saba Lace, once a major export of the island.

Thr Road to Fort Bay Saba

The island is 5 square miles and claims four towns: The Bottom — Windwardside — Hell’s Gate — St. Johns.
There are several inns, hotels and cottages to rent, two banks, grocery stores, restaurants, several dive companies and shops,
an organic garden and taxis to travel around the island.

Saba Island Properties Cottages

 Of particular note are the 800 steps carved out of stone from Ladder Bay up to the capital of Saba – The Bottom.
Everything that came to the island settlement was carried by hand up these stairs. It’s a remarkable climb to experience.

Ladder Bay Steps Saba

There is one main road traveled throughout the island and called – The Road.
Josephus Lambert Hassell began building it in 1938 and it was officially finished in 1958.
The many curves and hills make driving an exciting, interesting and sometimes challenging ride with sensational scenery and views.

Saba Island Properties The Road

Dutch is the official language, but English is the principle language spoken on Saba, and the U.S. Dollar is the official currency.
As for Caribbean Real Estate, there are no real estate taxes on primary residences and no profit tax on real estate sales on Saba. Now that Saba is officially part of the Netherlands you can rely on Dutch law in regards to real estate with all of the legal guarantees you would have in the U.S.A. or Europe.

The Saban people, of African and European descent, are known for their friendliness and helpfulness, as well as their acceptance of various ethnic, cultural and religious beliefs, making it much easier for a visitor or a new resident to adapt and function within the Saban cultural and social environment. With Saba’s affiliation with the Netherlands, the island recognizes and performs same-sex marriages.

One of the very endearing traits of the Saban way of life is a strong sense of community which is immediately apparent to a newcomer arriving on island. Sabans say hello whenever they pass someone they already know, as well as someone new, and politely wave to cars going by.

On a professional level we, Albert & Michael, are so thankful to know that in doing our job, we consistently find the local home building trades — stone masons, carpenters, electricians, contractors, tilers, painters and more — to be professionals and true artists; highly skilled at their jobs. They are proud of their work, and their honor and good name is vital to them.

Morning Sunrise Statia

 Saba is renowned worldwide for the Saba Bank, where deep sea diving is at its best, since it is the largest submarine atoll in the Atlantic Ocean, with some of the greatest diversity of marine life in the Caribbean Sea.

 Saba Island Properties Scuba

The many beautiful trails of Saba, take hikers through a variety of ecological systems.
The sumptuous plant life, rain forest, rugged hills and rocks, with spectacular views of the surrounding brilliant blue ocean and
its clusters of historic red roofed, white houses with shutters trimmed in green, make Saba such a memorable place in the Caribbean.

Hiling on Saba

Having a mountainous terrain and being surrounded by water, Saba is blessed with constant refreshing sea winds;
keeping a fairly comfortable temperature year round.

 Saba Island Properties Tropic Bird

Saba may not be for everyone. There are only a couple of beaches, no cruise ship, no casino.
Yes — good restaurants and bars for your entertainment and evenings out.

Saba is an island where one can truly relax and enjoy life,
where peace and a great sense of safety are still at their best in today’s world —
essential reasons why Saba is called, The Unspoiled Queen.

Please check out and learn more about this unique and beautiful place on earth.

Thank you and have a wonderful time!
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