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English Quarter – Prime Road Lot For Sale – Albert & Michael *Exclusive Agents* Saba Island Properties

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Lot # 1 is within walking distance to Windwardside Village with winning water and mountain views!
♦ Formerly flat farm land and currently houses a small abandoned structure and two old foundations
♦ The lot has direct frontage / entrance on the Public Road through English Quarter
♦ Easy access to all utilities
♦ Total area of 824 m2 (square meters) 

“Before we were asked to represent the property we didn’t give it much thought. We always passed it driving back and forth through English Quarter but when we saw the land map and visited the property we were truly surprised and excited about its potential.

Don’t overlook it. Don’t pass it by because… it’s adjacent to another lot behind it that meets Mt. Scenery Road and then… 2 more impressive lots of land on the other side of the road. All up for sale by the same owner. As we say – there are lots and lots of options to consider and play with here.
It has promise!” –
Albert & Michael  >>Click here to see more about Mt. Scenery Lots For Sale

A great and affordable asking price of – $70,000.00 USD

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