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‘Square Nickel’…THE Best Home Buy on Saba

2 Bedrooms 1 Bathrooms
Why is this a golden opportunity for you to own this house?
  • Perfect Move in Condition
  • Centrally Located in Windwardside
  • Completely Furnished
  • Two (2) Bedrooms
  • One (1) Bath
  • L-shaped Living/Dining Room
  • Separate Kitchen
  • Washer and Dryer
  • Back Deck Open Living Space
  • Air-Conditioned Master Bedroom with Private Balcony Looking West to Windwardside Village
  • Beautifully Maintained. No Need to Renovate or Paint or Clean


 Albert & Michael are really enthusiastic over this home:  ‘It clicked with us right way. It’s great as is…but it also has enormous potential. 

We have a lot of fun with our work — meeting people, visiting homes and land. We get inspired. We get creative and all our imagination buttons get pushed. It’s not just about making a perfect match between a buyer and seller, but there are so many future possibilities and options and opportunities that the land and home hold just waiting to be opened up. It’s an essential part of our work.

We ask: What might a future owner want to do with the house? What changes are possible? How might you improve on this?’

So…Here’s our free advice for Square Nickel House:

6 Top Reasons Why You’d Be Smart To Buy ‘Square Nickel’ NOW (Before You Miss Out)

1. It’s a money maker — the house produces a steady rental income

2. Turn key condition — you can move in the moment you close on it or…rent it out

3. Deck it — the roof opens up multiple possibilities – fence it in and turn it into an expansive outdoor living space with beautiful views

4. Add on a second floor — create another two bedroom apartment

5. Make a bigger home —  combine the second floor with the existing house and you’ll have a major Windwardside Village home

6. The asking price — $210,000.00


Give us a call ASAP so we can show it to you. It won’t be around long!

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