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On the Island of Statia – Price Lowered – *Water Front Land For Sale* – Albert & Michael – Saba Island Properties

3,760 square meters

St. Eustatius — familiarly known as the Island of Statia — lies to the northeast of St. Kits and Nevis and to the Southeast of Saba,
in the Dutch Caribbean.

Statia remains mostly unaffected by tourism and that is unusual for a Caribbean island in today’s overpopulated world.

  • The community is around 3,500 people
  • Home to 3 national parks
  • Wonderful hiking
  • World class diving
  • And… a marine park that surrounds the entire island


If you’re looking for a truly laid back, undisturbed Caribbean life-style… which is safe… where time seems to be standing still with loads of charm, tradition and history… then come on down and visit your new Caribbean retreat.

Explore for yourself and find the antique Statia blue beads along its shore, left behind by a ship that sank in the harbor centuries ago.

Saba Island Properties real estate agents — Albert  & Michael
entice you with this special Statia Island offer:
Your own piece of ocean front land – 3,760 square meters – just shy of one (1) acre –
 at  the reasonable NEW sale price of — $90,000.00 USD – $75,000 USD
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