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Mt. Scenery Road – Land For Sale – *Exclusive Agents* – Albert & Michael – Saba Island Properties

816 square meters
You heard it first from Albert & MichaelMt. Scenery Road is the new location to invest and live on Saba


♦ This plot of land is affordable.
It will meet your expectations.
It runs along the edge of the road and then opens upward and out.

♦ Top water views plus Windwardside and Mt. Scenery. You have it all.

♦ 816 square meters of land on Mt. Scenery Road.

The property owner shared these moving thoughts of family heritage with us:

“Our father used to farm other people’s land in Bricket Hill. So a portion of what he reaped was ‘paid’ to the owner. He worked hard until he could buy his own piece of land, and then he could sell or keep whatever he reaped and provide for his family.

When the Mountain Road was built, his land was divided in half. The land below the road belongs to our brother where he built his house…
another portion was sold to our cousin for his home.”

This is what we call – The Spirit of Saba – What Saba is built on – Family – History – Future Generations.
Saba is an amazing place. Founded on hard work, passionate dreams and love. Saba’s been meeting peoples expectations for a long time…
and continues to meet them with outstanding Caribbean hospitality from vacationing to actually living on this beautiful island.

Why not become part of Saba and let the legacy go on? 

Do what many of our clients do — invest now and build later. Design the home you want. All new with every detail you image.
Your opportunity is here and the value will only go up.

Asking price — $75,000.00

Albert & Michael Saba Island Properties
*Expats with practical experience moving here, living here, working here*
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