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Our Gratitude for Property Sales on Saba Dutch Caribbean Albert + Michael
Saba Dutch Caribbean Albert + MichaelMany good things have happened to Albert & Michael at Saba Island Properties
and it makes for abundant gratitude.

We thank our clients, the people of Saba and others around the world who support and trust the work we do in real estate. They’ve given us their invaluable advice, knowledge and insight about business, pricing, local customs, history and laws… as well as entrusting their properties to us to care for and sell. All of their kindness and warmth we treasure. We do not take our gratitude for granted!

Here are some of the properties we’re so proud to have sold – Businesses – Homes – Land:
1. Shearwater Estate and Hotel Booby Hill
2. Ecolodge The Environmental Hotel at the rainforest on Mt. Scenery
3. Saba DeepFort Bay – Dive Business + Restaurant + Building
4. Brigadoon RestaurantWindwardside
5. Heyliger House – Windwardside
6. Flat Point Land by the airport
7. Land on Booby Hill Johnny’s Ground
8. Upper Hell’s Gate Land
9. The Mountain Upper Hell’s Gate land
10. Mount Scenery Cottage –  at the top of Mountain Road
As you can see… diverse, important, positive change and growth is happening.
SABA Island Properties is turning into the kind of magical business we dreamed of and much more:
  • Property Management
  • Rentals
  • Design and Renovation Work
  • Landscaping
  • New Construction
  • Relocation
  • Consulting


We’re agents of vision. Agents for change. Agents communicating with people and…
we’re growing all the time.

Real estate sales are not about luck. You need awareness and insight to sell.  It’s wonderful, demanding work learning about the properties you represent — knowing them inside and out, their assets and possible drawbacks. Searching for the right customer — screening people — keenly listening to what a person wants and trusting your gut instinct when you suggest land or homes. It’s being patient, understanding, following up, building relationships and having integrity throughout the entire sales process and, afterwards too.

We don’t just want to make the sale, we want to be remembered, to help others, to uplift people as they think about buying or selling property, to care more, give a hand, create and look for opportunities, to do great work, to matter, keep our promises, be generous, innovative, aware, available, direct and truthful, to choose our customers, offer quality service, expand, take risks and do all we can to care for and promote Saba.

The best words we can use to express our extreme gratitude are — THANK YOU!
Albert + MichaelSABA Island Properties

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Michael Feeley

Michael Feeley

It’s my business to help you get what you want.

My experience in the arts, travel industry, recruiting, landscaping, professional coaching and writing is extensive and it all benefits you.

You have a vision. Let’s create a plan and find you the home you’re dreaming of, living in the Caribbean. Sounds pretty wonderful, don’t you think?

Please, email me and let’s start talking and exploring all the possibilities of making that wish really happen, here on Saba. I look forward to saying to you one day... 'Welcome home!'

We thank Sabine and Adam Watkins -- 'Chizzilala - Video Productions' -- for the photo of us in our car at the top of the 'Meet Our Agents' page.

[Michael has written for: Thrive Global - The Huffington Post - Maria Shriver - Michael Port - The Fordyce Letter - LinkedIn -- and others.]